The Martech Community for 2024 and Beyond

Mar(keting) Tech(nology) F.E.S.T  is for Founders, Executives, Strategists & Technologists in marketing

Associate Membership is FREE. We are offering brand new community that looks to support and elevate you wherever you are in your career and marketing journey. Scholarships will be available on a 1:1 full paying member to full scholarship basis. More information will be published in due course.

Full members gain access to exclusive Ask Me Anything sessions, priority consideration for compensated speaker opportunities, exclusive Chatham House Rule Sessions, host your own local meetups for associates, live Q and A´s at podcast interviews with the option to join live by invitation, certification and support in case of being laid off or otherwise finding yourself open to opportunities.

The community born at the The Inaugural Utrecht Martech Festival. An opportunity for CMOs, CTOs, Founders, Founders, Executives, Strategists & Technologists and Academics to network with their peers online and in person.